Jumpstart Your Training: Effective Ways to Improve Your Vertical

Whether you’re a youth athlete dreaming of making it to the big leagues, or an older adult who plays rec sports for fun (or anywhere in-between) – your ability to jump is going to be an important part of your athletic performance. A higher vertical jump can give you...

5 Simple Exercises For Better Sports Performance

Edmonton Personal Trainer breaks down 5 exercises for improved performance

The 8 Big Reasons People Quit Their Fitness Goals (And How You Can Avoid Them)

Edmonton Personal Trainer breaks down 8 reasons why people quit their fitness goals too early

9 Reasons You Need To Walk For Your Waistline

Edmonton Personal Trainer reviews 9 different reasons you need to walk more in 2023

Avoid The Flu & Boost Your Immune System In 5 Easy Steps

Edmonton Fitness Trainer Give 5 Tips To Build Immune System & Avoid The Flu

Five Tips To Help You Avoid Catching The Flu At The Gym This Year (+ Two Bonus Tips!)

Right now the flu is hitting hard here in Edmonton, and we can all do our part to ensure we don't all share the sickness around. Gyms, like any other public place, can be tough to avoid catching a cold/flu from. Fortunately things have gotten dramatically better over...

Move For Movember 2022: Making A Difference In Men’s Health

Movember is here for 2022 and RK Athletics – Edmonton Personal Training is looking to make a difference

Short Term Fitness Fix? Think Twice Before Starting

What can help us lose body fat, won't always keep it off... Hear me out here I'm sure if you follow me, you've seen your fair share of weight loss ads come across your social media timeline. You know the ones, programs are targeted to help people lose weight, and lose...

The Program You Found Online Sucks, And Here’s Why

That program you found online… It’s Sh*t And here’s why Let’s play the hypothetical game - You’re getting bored of your routine at the gym, and you haven’t seen any change on your waist line or on the scale, so you figure it’s time to switch it up. You know enough...

Muscle Mass & Aging: What Happens And How To Stop It

As we get older, our bodies change. It’s one of the inevitabilities of life, as no one can outrun father time (even as a Personal Trainer).  One factor that gets greatly affected by this change in our body is in regards to our muscle mass. As time goes on,...

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