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Personal Training to improve athletic performance, build muscle, and/or burn body fat. Customized programming built around your goals, abilities, and available equipment. All training programs will include a mixture of resistance training, cardiovascular training, and mobility work to get the most efficient workout possible.

Nutritional guidance included in each program.


Personal training

Personal Training is the most effective program when it comes to accountability, structure, guidance, and getting an extra push in the gym. Before even touching a weight, we will perform an assessment to determine where a clients body composition is, and where we are with our foundational movement patterns. Based on the findings during this assessment, RK Athletics will develop a customized workout program including resistance exercises, implement cardiovascular elements, and mobility training to get clients moving and feeling better.

It’s our goal to get clients feel comfortable and confident with the movements in the gym, so they can implement them properly and safely moving forward. As Edmonton Personal Trainers, we will work together with you to establish lifestyle goals, better eating habits, and a better mindset to help clients live life to the fullest.

Exclusively Training out of Evolve Strength Downtown Edmonton


Starting at $70 per session

Online Training

Personal Training has never been more convenient with a mobile app-based training system including: Descriptions and videos for every exercise, easy to use workout creator, nutrition tracking system, daily to-do reminders, easy integration with other apps (apple watch, myfitnesspal, etc.) and easy to use chat feature so clients have access to their trainer at any time.

Weekly accountability calls with a certified personal trainer are used to assess progress, answer questions, coach through the rough patches, and ensure clients are moving in the right direction towards their goals with the support they need.

Just $140 bi-weekly

DIY Fitness

These pre-built programs are for those people who are familair with the gym, can hold themselves accountable – but are looking for a program to follow

Take the work out of building your workout with one of these DIY Progams


Starting as Low As $7.99 bi-weekly

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Client Testimonials

Can’t say enough good things about RK Athletics. His knowledge and expertise is a great asset for anyone trying to improve themselves. 10/10 would recommend

Mitch Clarke

Former UFC Athlete

I would HIGHLY recommend Rich and RK Athletics! Hands down any day to anyone that I know or a stranger of the street. And I could do it with 100% confidence that he could help that person meet their fitness goals. Rich helped me to change my life! When I started training with Rich, I had never lifted a weight in my life and I was 60 pounds over weight with zero muscle tone. Now I am fit, healthy and have all of the knowledge to maintain it, thanks to Rich. He helped me lose 60 pounds and fifty inches in 6 months! He taught me about nutrition, how to lift and build strength properly. Two years later and I have kept the weight off! Rich is passionate and truly cares for his clients and is always there to help. If you want to reach a fitness goal, RK Athletics is the way to go! Thank you Rich.

Anna Carlson

Rich is a great motivator and knowledgeable in setting goals and achieving them. He helped me set and achieve my goals of running a half marathon and completing a tough mudder, things I thought I could never do. Great person and trainer, I would highly recommend!

Nick Hermary

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