The Program You Found Online Sucks, And Here’s Why

That program you found online… It’s Sh*t And here’s why Let’s play the hypothetical game - You’re getting bored of your routine at the gym, and you haven’t seen any change on your waist line or on the scale, so you figure it’s time to switch it up. You know enough...

Muscle Mass & Aging: What Happens And How To Stop It

As we get older, our bodies change. It’s one of the inevitabilities of life, as no one can outrun father time (even as a Personal Trainer).  One factor that gets greatly affected by this change in our body is in regards to our muscle mass. As time goes on,...

Before & After Pictures: Don’t Believe Everything You See

Recently, I put up an Instagram Story asking people how long was between the before and after picture. The answers varied dramatically, some said it took 6 months, some said 2 months, some said it was a year, and some (mostly fitness professionals) said it was only...

The Worst Thing To Happen To The Fitness Industry

Edmonton Personal Trainer breaks down all the worst parts from the biggest loser show that remain in the fitness industry today

Lower Back Pain: Ditch The Pain & Get In The Game

Edmonton Personal Trainer Educates on how to get rid of lower back pain, and feel great

Struggling With Protein? Get Your Complete Protein Guide Here

Do You Struggle With Protein Intake? If you're struggling through a plateau in the gym or on the scale, feeling low on energy and have lingering muscle aches days after your workout, you may be struggling with your recovery. In this new guide you'll learn:- What...

Unilateral Vs. Bilateral Training – Why both are important

Listen, sometimes we get carried away in the fitness industry as Personal Trainers with fancy words to make ourselves sound smart. Simply put, Unilateral means 1 arm/leg is working, Bilateral mean both are working.

See, nothing crazy

However, it is important to include BOTH styles of training into our workouts, and here’s why:

3 Ways You Over Complicate Your Fitness Plan

Learn from an Edmonton Personal Trainer how you might be over complicating your training

You’re Taking Too Long At The Gym & Here’s 5 Reasons Why (Build More Muscle In Less Time)

Edmonton Personal Trainer reviews tips for a more efficient workout to build muscle, burn body fat, and improve athletic performance

3 Rules For Success With A Coach – Are You Ready To Commit?

Are you thinking about hiring a Coach? If you are, make sure you read this first A lot of people will hire a trainer or coach because they think it will make the process easy. The coach does all the work, you show up to a couple of sessions and you get instant...

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