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Building confidence in other to live life to the fullest through fitness training, nutrition and coaching. Whether that’s losing weight, building muscle, performing at a higher level, or simply feeling better.

Since childhood physical activity and sport has always been in my life. In High School I discovered the joy of coaching and helping others become the best they could be, and pursued it as a career after college.

10+ Years later having worked with hundreds of clients and helping dozens of trainers get thier start in the fitness industry, I’m just as passionate as ever.

I want to share my experiance and knowledge with individuals looking to live life to the fullest, without restrictions, while developing the skill to see life-long results.

Helping others become the version of themselves they’ve always wanted to be, by becoming stronger, healthier, and more confident in themselves is my mission with RK Athletics, and I look forward to helping more individuals in this pursuit.

– Rich, Owner of RK Athletics



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Based in Edmonton Personal Training is the top service for accountability, guidance, structure, and an added push. Lean how to perform exercises properly, safely, and effectively.

Online Training

App-based design makes it easy to access anywhere at anytime. Have a Personal Trainer in your pocket with Online Training.

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