Every good superhero, has an origin story.

So before I do a dive into the different Prowrestling matches I’ve had and the stories throughout them I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell my professional wrestling origin story. It may not be as fascinating as watching Man Of Steel or Batman Begins, but I’ll do my best to spruce this sucker up so you don’t get too bored.

As I mentioned in my previous entry – I found Prowrestling when I was 7 or 8. Although I don’t actually remember the first time I watched it or was introduced to it (told ya, not as good as Man Of Steel), I remember falling in love with two things once I was into it

  1. WWF Warzone the video game which consumed many hours of our time
  2. Stone Cold Steve Austin Video Tapes

In fact, the first thing I can remember of my Prowrestling fandom, was this segment of Stone Cold throwing a man dress as a baby into a porta-potty. That’s wrestling, folks!

From there my love for Prowrestling swelled.

I would play all the video games, get all the action figures I could, and in fact, try what I saw on TV at home (mostly on a giant stuffed animal dog, fortunately). I was hooked, but my fandom was always missing one thing…

Being from the Yukon, life was much more secluded than most other places, being almost a 24 hours drive to get to the next biggest city will have that effect. Sure, we had a movie theaters, some local entertainment, and the occasional mini festival come to town but we never got anything like Prowrestling coming to town so I had never watched a live wrestling event… until 1999.

One day I had come home from school, and my mom had sat me down to tell me something. I was worried something bad had happened, we never had sit down chats like this.

She told me that Elijah’s uncle was going to bring us down to Vancouver for a weekend in April…

To see the WWF – LIVE!

I was in shock. I couldn’t believe what she had just told me. I was shaking in excitement! So, in April of 1999 we departed from my small town of Whitehorse, to the biggest city I had ever been to – Vancouver.

We did a lot of fun things when we were in the big city, like going to Playdium – which as an aside, was overwhelming to me as the only other arcade I had seen had about 5 different machines in it – But nothing would ever match going to see the WWF Live In Vancouver (with a pretty stacked lineup!)

The main event that night was Stone Cold Steve Austin teaming up with The Big Show to take on The Big Bossman and the world worst person in my eyes at that time (and a man I’d grow to idolize inside and outside of Prowrestling) The Rock.

As The Rock made his entrance and everyone lost their minds cheering for him, everyone except for us.

We booed as loudly as possible – unrelentlessly and unremorsefully.

With the 3 other men were in the ring, it felt like an eternity waiting. There was an electricity in the air of anticipation.

Then, the Glass Shattered and all hell broke loose.

Stone Cold Steve Austin made his entrance.

I felt like I was at Wrestlemania with 30,000 people all screaming as loud as possible.

My ears were ringing, my voice cracked, and I was jumping to the ceiling with how excited it was to see the man I had watched so many times on those tape, played as in video games, and generally mimicked while kicking my stuffed animals asses (whether that’s the guy you want a 9 year old idolizing is still up for debate).

Stone Cold won with the Stunner, cracked open some beers and sent these kids home happy that night. Seeing Prowrestling live, and in-person in front of that vociferous crowd was amazing. It had been one of the greatest things I had the opportunity to be apart of in my life.

The crash after the show was real – we were out like a light. However, I knew after that night, I wanted to chase this dream…

To Be Continued…


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