Protein helps you recover from your workout, build muscle, helps your immune system, and so much more. Whether you goal is to build more muscle, lose body fat, or just simply feel better on a daily basis – protein is going to be a major piece to the results you see.

It can be tough to get enough protein in. In fact, a lot of clients I’ve worked with don’t realize how little protein they’ve been getting in on a daily basis before they track their foods. I’ve seen clients have a few ounces of chicken for lunch, and some steak or fish for dinner and think that it’s enough. Unfortunately, it’s not. That means you are going to be under-recovering from your workouts and leaving potential results on the table.

Most people who regularly workout should be eating .8 – 1.2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. That would mean a 170 lbs person should be aiming for 136g – 204g of protein per day, depending on their goal.

A good baseline I’d recommend to start with is to aim for 100 grams of protein first, then slowly increasing your intake as you go.

To help get more protein in, including high protein snacks between meals is going to crucial to hitting your target. So, below I’ve included 6 high protein snacks that you can throw into your daily routine. I have purposefully kept these snacks simple (so you can just grab and go) and not use any protein supplements with these suggestions.

As a quick aside, protein supplementation can help this process out quite a bit, as a scoop of protein supplements will typically have anywhere between 20-30 grams of Protein. Protein bars are easily transported and readily available, whereas protein powders can be included in shakes, baked foods, or combined with other foods (like oatmeal) to make it easier to get protein in. These supplements are beneficial, but shouldn’t be your only source of protein – as we still need other nutrients to improve our health.

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Anyways, let’s get into these protein snacks:

Tuna Cakes

~170 Calories – 32g Protein – 1g Fat – 22g Carbohydrates

1 Can of Tuna

2 Plain Rice Cakes

While I don’t eat fish personally, I know it packs a huge protein punch (and is very affordable). Simply spread tuna over rice cakes and enjoy. Because it is a lower calorie protein snack, you may want to include some veggies to feel more satisfied, or even double the recipe if it aligns with your goals.

Simple Greek Yogurt Bowl

~300 Calories – 24g Protein – 7g Fat – 28g Carbohydrates

1 Cup 0% Plain Greek Yogurt

1 TBSP Hemp Hearts

1 Cup Blueberries

Simplicity is the name of the game here with this high protein snack – simply mix up the Greek Yogurt with the berries and hemp hearts to enjoy. I’d recommend keeping the ingredients separate until snack time. If you’re looking for more flavour, adding cinnamon can make it more enjoyable.

Protein Snack Nacho’s

~360 Calories – 34g Protein – 9g Fat – 35g Carbohydrates

1 cup 1% Cottage Cheese

~13 Tortilla Chips (Scoops ideally)

So, this is a personal favourite, and might seem a bit strange to some… but don’t knock it until you try it!

If you’re not a fan of cottage cheese, this is how I started to personally enjoy eating it. Simple use the Scoop Tortillas to load up your cottage cheese and enjoy like a “dip”. I will say that it is easy to overeat the tortilla chips – so be mindful how many you use if your goal is to lose weight, as the calories can add up quickly.

Poor Man’s Charcuterie

~350 Calories – 29g Protein – 16g Fat – 24g Carbohydrates

4 Turkey Bites

.5 oz Cheese

10 Rice Crackers


Who doesn’t like a good meat tray? The problem with them is that since they are so light and delicious, that it’s hard to stop eating them. With this protein snack option however, we can portion it out to fit our goals (and make mini-sandwiches for our snacks). While it’s still a high protein snack, it does have a bit more fat as well, so be diligent with the cheese portion, and measure this out!

Convenience Store Special

~330 Calories – 31g Protein – 3g Fat – 44g Carbohydrates

1 Pack Beef Jerky (80g)

1 Apple

Nothing works easier when you’re on the run and needing a protein boost then grabbing a bag of beef jerky. Add on that fruit is always a good add in to boost up our natural sugars and get some extra fiber in, and you have a winning combo here. You can buy these at the grocery store or any gas station – which makes a perfect high protein snack for road trips!

Vegan Option

~300 Calories – 20g Protein – 10g Fat – 29g Carbohydrates

1 Cup Edamame

.33 Cup Pumpkin Seeds

I couldn’t leave out a vegetarian/vegan option – or have an option if there’s too much dairy/meat in your diet already. Adding in Edamame is a great source of vegetable protein, and pumpkin seeds are one of the highest proteins per serving nut/seed.

Vegan/Vegetarians will have harder times hitting their protein goal, especially without a protein supplement included, due to most foods being higher in either carbohydrates or fats.

Other high protein snack food options:

Hard Boiled Egg – 6g per egg

Milk – 8g per cup (even non-dairy have pretty high protein options)

Lentils – 9g per half cup

I hope these ideas can help you reach your goals – if you have questions or your own favourite high protein snack you want to share – drop a comment below!

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Rich Hill,

Owner – RK Athletics