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To follow up on my previous post on ways to avoid the flu at the gym, I wanted to help people boost their immune system to avoid the flu regardless of the gym setting. So, here is 5 tips to avoid the flu altogether and build your immune system

As a Personal Trainer I’ve seen plenty of clients implement these tips and go from being sick 3-5 times a year, to MAYBE having a minor cold once a year – this stuff really works

1 – Sleep: Sleep is VITAL for our recovery and our immune system. There is no replacing a goodnight sleep, despite our best efforts. Aiming for 7-8+ hours of quality sleep is important. If you’re looking for tips for a higher quality sleep – I have two blogs available through this link

2 – Water: Water is another keyo to our health and immune system. Drinking more water can flush our system, ensure nutrients are getting to where they need to be, and overall help our body regulate itself.

3 – Micronutrients: Vitamin D and Zinc have been shown to be immune system boosters! While getting zinc in from the food we eat is more ideal, and getting lots of sunshine would be ideal for vitamin D – sometimes adding in a supplement can be the next best option

4 – Food: To add to the previous point, aiming to eat more vegetables, fruits, and whole, nutrient rich foods, can be beneficial to our health. Adequate protein consumption is important to maintaining a good immune system as well. If you find yourself chronically being sick, you may want to reassess your calorie intake as well

5 – Exercise: Regular exercise is one of the best things we can do for our body. By losing body fat, and keeping our body functioning at a high level it will help ward off illness. This could be resistance training or simply going for a walk. Proper recovery is always essential, otherwise you may be fighting a losing battle.

BONUS TIP – Get You Flu Shot

Despite our best efforts, sometimes our body needs a bit of help. Getting our flu or immunization shot can reduce our potential of getting the flu, and lower the severity of the illness if you are to get sick

If you find these tips beneficial please share this out! If you have additional tips to share, drop them in the comments