Right now the flu is hitting hard here in Edmonton, and we can all do our part to ensure we don’t all share the sickness around.

Gyms, like any other public place, can be tough to avoid catching a cold/flu from. Fortunately things have gotten dramatically better over the last couple of years, but here are a few reminders for gym goers (plus a bonus tip if you’re still nervous)

1. Wash Your Hands Pre & Post Workout – This helps reduce the amount of harmful germs coming into the gym to begin with, and then prevents you bringing any home after your workout!

2. Sanitize The Equipment Before/After Use – While we might be more vigilant in terms of hygiene, unfortunately, not everyone is. To prevent the spread of harmful germs it can be good practice to sanitize the equipment before you use it, and then after as well to remove the germs from our own sweat.

3. Drink Out Of A Water Bottle – Avoid using shared water nozzles and bring your own water bottle from home. Ensure you’re washing your water bottle regularly to keep it clean and avoid colds

4. Bring Your Own Towel – While many gyms are very diligent with cleaning their towels, and handling them in a clean environment, it can be good practice to bring your own towel from home during flu or cold season.

5. Stay At Home If You Feel Sick – I know how important physical activity is, and how people love coming to the gym. However, you’re doing a disservice to yourself and the people around you if you come to the gym sick. Keep the gym safe and clean!

BONUS TIP 1 – Come During Less Busy Times

If you’re nervous about attending the gym during cold or flu season, you can adjust your workout schedule to days or times that are typically a little slower. Maybe you come in a little later, or during the weekends instead.

BONUS TIP 2 – Clean Your Phone (and other gym accessories)

Think about how often a day you’re touching your phone.

Do you always wash your hands after eating before touching your phone?

Do you use your phone while using the washroom?

Well, there’s a good chance that sanitizing your phone could reduce the number of harmful germs that you’re in contact with. This goes for other gym accessories as well, like gloves, wrist straps, and sweat bands.

Physical activity is one of the best ways to maintain our health and wellness, and boost our immune system. As a Personal Trainer I want to ensure the gym stays this way and can help fight against illness.

If you have any further tips to reduce the flu while at the gym, please drop them in the comments below!