That program you found online… It’s Sh*t

And here’s why

Let’s play the hypothetical game – You’re getting bored of your routine at the gym, and you haven’t seen any change on your waist line or on the scale, so you figure it’s time to switch it up. You know enough about fitness to come up with your own program, but you’re feeling lazy, or you feel you need something completely different to change things up.

So, what do you do? You google it.

You look through a couple different pages, and mull over some different programs until you find the one that you like the best and your off!

But, here’s a few problems with that though:

1) The program only has exercises you like to do, and not the ones you need to do

Sticking to what you like, typically means you’re sticking to the exercises you’re good at. Sure, biceps curls get a juicy arm pump, but they’re not going to fix your aching shoulder and bad posture. Picking exercises that you may not like, means picking exercise you may not be strong with, or need more work. In this Personal Trainers opinion, you need to throw in some of the exercises you hate, to see the best results from your workout program.

(Lunges are my least favourite… but I know I have to do them)

2) The program lacks any type of progression

If you’re picking an online training program, you’ll typically be doing the same exercises and same rep-scheme for a month… but then what? Back to google? Picking a whole new workout altogether?

While it might seem fun to bounce around programs, it’s important to keep some familiarity with the movements so you can actually progress and create adaptations in the body. If you want to see weight loss, and build muscle, you’ll need to get effective at an exercise, than add more load to it over time. This is known as progressive overload and most fitness trainers in Edmonton will use this tool with their client.

3) The programmed workouts take forever to do in full

Let’s do some real basic math here – if your program has 10 exercises and you’re to do 3 sets of each with a 90 second rest between each would lead to 45 minutes of just rest time! That doesn’t include a good warm-up and time to change before & after the workout, let alone the time it will take to complete each set.

Time is finite for most of us, so we need a program built for our lifestyle. If you’re a busy business owner, or a parent you won’t have that kind of time to spend at the gym. You need to get in and get out with the most effective workout possible, and that’s where the benefits of having an Edmonton fitness coach comes in

But, probably the biggest issue with these is… Your workout program wasn’t the issue to start with.

You can have the best program in the world, paired with the best nutrition plan but you won’t see a change if you’re not performing it consistently, with proper intensity, proper form, and progression (as well as rest/recovery).

So, before you start googling your next program, take a look at the other factors to why you might not be seeing results you want (and be honest with yourself). If you’re not sure what you should be looking at, it might be time to reach out to RK Athletics for Personal Training. Having a coach can help you stay accountable with effective and engaging workouts whether it’s In-Person Edmonton Personal Training or an Online Coaching Program, RK Athletics is here for you.  

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