Remember the biggest loser?

Remember how it f*cked up the way people look at fitness?

Well, it really did.

The biggest loser glorified trainers yelling and screaming at clients, horrible training techniques and methods, and chasing quick results through unsustainable means.

Why? Because that’s what sells on TV and gets ratings. It’s not because it was healthy, not because that’s how people should approach their fitness routine but because that’s what sells and got people to tune in.

I talk to prospective personal training clients who STILL believe this is what personal training is, and I’m here to tell you that it’s wrong. It’s all so, so very wrong. It’s why a lot of people will avoid working with a personal trainer, despite that being the most successful route they can go.

A good personal trainer is here to motivate, inspire, and help you develop better lifestyle habits, not yell in your face and make you feel worthless. In fact, a trainer should help build your personal confidence, help you with your personal relationships with exercise, food, and your body image. By helping with these small steps to your lifestyle, a personal trainer should be able to deliver sustainable results.

A good personal trainer will develop a program built around your abilities, injuries, and personal preferences, not force you to run and jump when you’re not ready for that. Let’s face it, there’s no reason someone who has an excess amount of body fat should be doing the exercises they choose for the biggest loser. When someone has 100-200 lbs of extra body fat, the joints already have enough pressure being forced on them. When you add in high impact exercises like running or jumping, it leaves the joint susceptible to injury. Proper exercise selection is key to ensure people maintain a pain-free, enjoyable exercise program. 

A good personal trainer will teach you sustainable ways to develop better eating habits, and set reasonable expectations with you, and not kick you off their roster because you didn’t lose 10lbs in a week. It’s about building a lifestyle, and learning how to manage the ups and downs in life as well. Not everyone gets to go to a ranch, away from their family, work, and stresses of day-to-day life. Building to be 1% better every day overtime will compound over time, to lead to awesome results, an easily to sustain lifestyle, and be able to live life to the fullest.

The Biggest Loser was one of the worst things to happen to the fitness industry. Despite losing 100’s of pounds on the show, almost every contestant gained that weight back.

Why? Because they didn’t learn the habits needed to keep the weight off, both physically and mentally. A good personal trainer will help you with these areas and more to ensure your fitness journey is fun, as easy as possible, and successful.

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CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer