The fitness world can be awfully confusing for people. Even some people who have been going to the gym for years, still barely know what they are doing most the time. Unfortunately, this can lead people down different (and sometimes strange) paths in hopes to seeing results. However, most times people are making the process much more complicated for themselves than they need to.

So today, I’m here to break down 3 different ways people tend to Over Complicate their Fitness routines!

Not Having a Clear Goal

You want to lift heavy like a powerlifter, but you want to have the 6-pack of a bodybuilder.

You want to drop 15ilbs in 2 months, but still build a booty for bikini season.

You want the best of everything.

But guess what…

To get a 6-pack you need to cut weight, which means you won’t be eating enough to build the strength to lift heavy sh*t and recover from it. 

To build that booty you need to be building muscle, which means you won’t be eating in a caloric deficit to lose a lot of weight

This is such a common problem I see with clients when they are first starting out, and it hinders any progress people can make. They want to do it all, but just overly complicate it with too many goals, and not enough direction. We need to make sure we prioritize what is most important first, then we can focus on the other side of things as we go.

If you want to be strong, train/eat to be stronger

If you want a 6-pack, focus on dropping body fat

If you want to run a marathon, focus on your running program.

But stop overcomplicating your training, by trying to do everything at once!

Overthinking the Exercises

People pick flashy exercises over functional exercises. I see it all the time when people are building their own programs, or getting crappy programs online.

They see someone on Instagram or Youtube doing this amazing looking exercise and instantly want to give it a try.

Problem is, the exercise itself is:

1) Ineffective

2) Has high risk of injury

3) Beyond their skill level

4) All of The Above

(The Answer is 4)

So instead of trying to re-invent the wheel, start with the foundational exercises: Squats, Deadlifts, Lunges, Presses, Pulls, and Carry’s. These exercises have been around forever, and you know why?

Because they work.

You don’t need to constantly change your exercise routine every week to see better results. Stay consistent and continue to improve your main lifts, while swapping out a few accessory exercises to keep it fresh. Try different tempo’s, sets/rep schemes, or reducing/increasing the rest time between sets to keep things fresh.

And The Biggest Way People Overcomplicate Their Fitness Routine is….

You’re Waiting For *Insert Reason Here* To Get Started

Blank can be a person. Blank can be a day. Blank can be a work deadline. Blank can simply be the right time…

Problem is, the right time isn’t coming.

There is always an excuse to not get started. People come up with them daily. In the summer it’s too nice to go and exercises, while in the winter it’s too cold. People in October will wait for New Years, while people in June will wait for the Fall.

There is ALWAYS a reason to push it off, and this is the biggest way people overcomplicate their fitness routine.

The solution is simple. Start now.

Stop waiting for a friend. Stop waiting for the perfect moment. Stop waiting for New Years.


(Sorry for yelling)

And you know what can help with all of these?

Working with a Personal Trainer.

Personal Trainers are around to simplify the process. Trainers are around to weave through all the BS you see online, and make things work for you. They are here to give you the kick in the ass when you need it, and an open ear to listen when you’re having troubles.

Trainers are here to set a routine that’s best for you to reach your goal, with the most effective exercises possible, and the accountability to get started. This can be done with Online Personal Training, or In-Personal Training (Personal Training In Edmonton Available Through RK Athletics)

That’s why RK Athletics is here to help, and if you are tired of over complicating the process and getting stressed out or tired of just thinking of going to the gym, I need you to message me today.

Not tomorrow, not next week, not in an hour from now.

Message RK Athletics and let’s get started towards your goals.

Live Life To The Fullest With RK Athletics