Time is the greatest currency we have. Once it’s spent, there is no making more.

So, we have to use it effectively.

One of the biggest concerns I hear from people about going to the gym is that it takes up too much time in their day, which simply isn’t true. Too many people waste so much time at the gym, that there is a common belief that you need to be there for at least 2 hours to see any changes.

Don’t believe that false narrative. It’s BS. Learn how to get a solid workout, build muscle, drop body fat, and improve your performance in less time with these 5 tips

  • You’re not ready to go

By simply having your gym clothing packed and ready to go, you instantly save time. Instead of running out to your car after realizing you left your shorts in your other bag, or your shoes in the back seat, you’ll have everything in one nicely organized gym bag. Bonus points for keeping a set of headphones in your bag exclusively for your workout! (don’t let them leave the bag)

  • You’re too distracted

Sure, you’re at the gym. But is your mind on what you’re doing? Or are you too distracted by text messages, emails, switching songs, chatting to a buddy, or *ahem* “critiquing that person’s form” from afar…

Simply put, stop letting yourself get distracted at the gym. You’ll get more done and be quicker doing it when you focus on the task at hand then trying to multitask

  • You’re not timing your breaks

Do you know how fast a minute can really fly by? A minute can feel like 10 seconds after a hard set of lunges, so we typically spend more time resting then we realize. By timing your breaks, you get an accurate rest break, you use your time more effectively, and get a more intense workout (not to mention better gains)

  • Your Workout Structure Sucks

You can waste so much time in a workout by having a crappy workout structure. Going from barbells, to dumbbells, to machines, to cables, to kettlebells, and everywhere between can be time consuming (even worse if you’re trying to do any type of circuit training)

Planning your workout, and structuring it around the equipment in the gym can be a huge time saver. If you’re going to use the cables for one exercise, plan to use them for multiple so you don’t have to change stations and go back and forth (and wait for people to be finished) and waste a ton of time in the gym.

  • You’re trying to get too much done at once

If you’re like the typical gym go-er, your routine probably includes a warm-up, your workout, cardio work, some mobility and a cooldown to top it off. Trying to get all that done in a time efficient manner can be tough. So, instead of getting it all done at once, why don’t you split it up or prioritize what’s going to be most important to your goals.

Instead of doing everything in one day, split it up. Do resistance training days and separate cardio days. Have days where you do more mobility work, and days that you focus more on resistance training. By splitting it up, you can get more done, and be more effective with your time.


If you want to really save time at the gym, and have the most time efficient workout all you have to do is… Hire a Personal Trainer.

A Personal Trainer keeps your workouts time efficient, keeps you progressing, and keeps you focused on the task at hand. They can also save you MORE time because they do all the program design, structuring, and take the thought process out of it all. All you have to do is show up ready to work.

If you’ve been skipping the gym because you don’t have time, or if any of the points above sound like you, RK Athletics wants to help. Check out the programs offered by RK Athletics today and send a message via this website, or through the social media channel‘s and we can chat about how personal training can help you save time, and see results

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