Are you thinking about hiring a Coach?

If you are, make sure you read this first

A lot of people will hire a trainer or coach because they think it will make the process easy. The coach does all the work, you show up to a couple of sessions and you get instant success. Well, spoiler alert, the process is never easy. As a client, you’ll still have to do the work to get the best possible results from working with a coach.

Coaches are here to lay down the foundation, and help guide you towards your goals, but when push comes to shove, you still have to do the work.

So, if you’re looking to hire a trainer, here are 3 rules you HAVE to follow to see success

Show Up

This might sound simple enough, but it can actually be quite difficult. Life gets busy, but meeting with your coach needs to be a priority. You can’t just decide to meet with your coach when it is convenient for you, or when it’s easy to do. You need to commit to meeting with your coach rain or shine, if you’re having the worst day ever or the best. If you can show up on the days you don’t want to, you’ll be on the right path.

Physically showing up isn’t enough though, you need to mentally be ready and focused to get things done. When you’re working with your coach, get rid of distractions. Turn off your phone a few minutes before (because really what are you going to get done anyways), put yourself in a situation to think about what you want to accomplish, or what you would like to learn from your coach during that session. If you’re thinking about all the other things going on in your life while you are working with your coach, you won’t be putting in your full effort. Which leads me to…

Work Hard

To get the most out of working with your coach, you need to work hard with them. You’re not paying to get the bare minimum, you’re there to get results and reach your goals, so you need to push yourself. Good Coaches will put in a lot of time, effort, and energy to get you to where you want to be, so you need to match that effort. If you work hard, and strive to improve each time, you will see results.

But this isn’t just when your Coach is around. This is just as applicable when you’re by yourself. Did your trainer give you homework to get done? Then get that sh*it done because it’s going to get you to where you want to be. Those who are the most successful don’t show up just when people are around, they show up when no one else is watching.

Which brings me to the last point…

Listen & Learn

This is where most people struggle. You invested in a coach because you have a goal you want to reach, and you either don’t know how to get it done, or you want to get it done efficiently. You can work as hard as you want, you can show up to every session, but if you don’t learn why you are doing what you’re doing, if you don’t understand why you’re doing these things, you will never be able to maintain, or sustain the changes you see with the coach.

Listening to what a coach tells you is obvious, but you shouldn’t just follow it with blind faith. Ask your coach why certain things work, or why certain ones don’t. Have them explain to you why they are doing certain things, or how it’s going to work towards your goals. The more you understand, the more likely you’re going to continue with it.

So, listen to the advice the coach gives you, implement it, and learn about how it’s helping you reach your goals

Hiring a coach can either be massively beneficial, or it can be a complete waste of money. A lot of that comes down to your ability to show up, work hard, and listen/learn. Obviously, the quality of coach matters, but if you follow those three rules, you’ll know you did everything in your power to see the results you want.

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