Getting started is one of the hardest parts of accomplishing any goal. So, are you ready to take action towards the goals you want to accomplish? Then this post is for you 👍


Before we start with anything we need to clearly define our goal.

We don’t get anywhere with a goal like “Be Rich” (because there’s only one me 😉) or “Get Fit”

We need to sit-down and put what we want to achieve in stone.

“I want to be making $100,000 a year in the next 5 years” or “I want to be able to squat my body weight by 2022” are two examples of goals that will have a clear path forward.

Equally as important as defining our goals, is ensuring what we want to achieve is actually a priority. To be blunt, we need to give a shit about our goals otherwise we will never actually make the effort to make them happen.

We need to be prepared to sacrifice time, energy, and effort in order to reach our goals. They will never just fall into our laps.


How many times do we have to say “I’ll get started next week” before we realize we aren’t actually getting started?

Setting time frames for us to accomplish our goals is going to be imperative to keeping us motivated, and accountable. Break down the goal into bite sized chunks.

You want to accomplish something by the next year, then what do you need to get done month-by-month to get there? What do you need to get done each week? What daily tasks are you going to accomplish to achieve your goal?

Setting a time frame and having a checklist of items to accomplish gives us more focused effort towards what can be daunting tasks.


We need to be relentless with reserving time to work towards our goals, and time blocking is the best way to do that.

Time blocking is simply blocking out certain hours and times during the day to work on certain tasks.

Blocking out this time in advance means that we have set intention towards working on our goal, and holds us accountable to get things done.

When I say we need to be relentless with the time blocking, I mean we need to treat this as important as a meeting with a doctor, dentist, or other service we book into our schedule. We can’t let other day-to-day tasks take up this time, and we need to eliminate time wasters here as well.

This is a can’t miss appointment.


When we set out to accomplish a goal, it can be quite the undertaking. There are going to be times we feel unmotivated, frustrated, lost, or simply overwhelmed. To help us stay on track, sometimes we need a helping hand and some encouragement to keep moving forward.

This is where having a support system to help is vital for our success.

Our support system can be a significant other, family member, friend, or co-worker (or multiple). Having someone who knows about your goals, is checking in with you regularly, and giving you tips can be a huge tool for our success.

Better yet, this is where coaching can come in.

A coach is there to help make the process easier, hold us accountable, and lay the foundations towards our goals.


As Nike advertised, Just Do It.

One of the biggest hurdles for us to reach our goals can be simply starting.

We can find every excuse to not start.

We can push it off time and time again.

We can keep waiting for the perfect day (which will never come).

We can wait for the stars to align just right

But there is no better time to work on your goals than right NOW.

Sure, we might not be doing it perfectly, or be able to set aside as much time as we want to right now, but imperfect action is still taking action.

Once we start, we build momentum, and once we build momentum, we want to work on it more. Before you know it, we’ll reach our goal.