* This can be done both pre and post-workout as a warm up or a cool down. 

Improving hip mobility will increase your hips flexibility, improve your range of motion, and reduce lower back pain. Improving your hip mobility will also help improve form for exercises such as deadlifts and squats. These exercises will be very beneficial for individuals who are sitting for a majority of their day. Incorporate glute activation exercises as well for better results.

Foam Rolling IT Band (Outer leg/Quad)-Start at your hip and roll down to just above your knee, pausing on any painful spots. Try slightly different angles to hit different aspects of the band. Fifteen rolls per leg.

Hip Adductors – Straddle the end of the roller to get your legs in position. It may look a bit obscene, but that’s okay. Fifteen rolls per leg.

Hamstrings – If you desire a bit more pressure, do one leg at a time while keeping the off leg in the air.

Piriforms (Glutes) – For this you’ll need a Trigger Point/Lacrosse ball. Sit on the ball and locate it where your back pocket would begin. It may take a bit to find the sweet spot but you will know when you’ve hit it. With the opposite leg straight bend the target glutes knee and drop it as close to the ground as possible then bring it as far to the opposite side as possible. Repeat 4x. After the pivot on the ball 4x each way.

Dynamic ExercisesFront/Back Leg Swings – Keeping your leg straight, hold on to a stable surface and swing your leg from front to back. Focus on generating the power from your hips rather than from your thighs. To ensure hip engagement, keep your core tight, lumbar spine straight and still. If you find your lower back moving with each swing, swing a little shorter. 15x

Side Leg Swing – Similar to front-back leg swings, only performed from side to side. The urge to rotate your torso will be even greater with these, so be firm and lead with the hips, not the pelvis. 15x

Squat Stands – Take a rather wide stance, touch your toes while keeping your legs straight, drop into a low squat position (elbows on the inside of your knees, knees shoved out and tracking over your toes) with a strong lumbar curve, throw your hands overhead, and come up. Make sure you maintain that lumbar curve and never round your back, because a rounded back means tension is taken off your hips. 10x pausing at the bottom.

Fire Hydrants – On your hands and knees, make big (big – the video doesn’t really convey the range of motion) circles in the air with your knee by rotating at the hip. 10x each 

Hip Thrusts – Sit on the ground, with your upper back resting on a bench, your feet on the floor and your knees up. Plant your feet firmly and thrust your hips forward by squeezing your glutes, creating a bridge with your torso. 15x

Static Stretches *These are only for post workout, Doing these pre-workout will elongate the muscle, can reduce strength in the muscle and increase potential for injury.

Butterfly Stretch – Seated, Put the bottom of your feet together and try to push your knees as close to the ground while keeping your feet as close to body as possible. 30s 3x through

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch – Kneeling on one knee keeping your core tight and upright, tilt your pelvis forward (Think tucking a tail under your legs).  30s 3x through for each leg

Runners Stretch – From the Kneeling position, bring your front heel across your body and drop the knee to the floor. Keep your hips square as you do this stretch and try to bend into the stretch by dropping your upper body down. To intensify the stretch, bring your elbow to the opposite knee, which is crossed in front of you. 30s 3x through for each leg * Do not perform if pervious ACL injuries and caution if it causes pain in knee

Alternate Runners Stretch – Perform this version of the stretch by laying on your back and crossing one ankle over the opposite legs knee. Weave your arms through your legs and lightly apply pressure until you can feel a stretch in your glutes

Rich Hill

CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer

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