Why is it that we always seem to start something on a Sunday? Or the First of the Month? Or the start of the New Year?

The fitness industry is keen on promoting the “don’t wait, start now” mentality, but why do so many of us wait to get started?
While I’ll never claim to be a psychologist and know for sure (this is all based off prior experience), there’s something to be said about having a clearly defined, set time frame to make a change, that just helps us get started. Mentally, this gives us a chance to prepare for change, and be ready to make that jump.

Let’s start with the example of starting to go to the gym. If we know exactly what day we are going to start (and commit to it!) then it gives us an opportunity to prepare, get some new shoes, new workout clothes, a water bottle, look up a workout plan, and visualize how that experience is going to go. It gives us time to ask around about the facility we’ve decided on, so we have a better idea of where things are or how things work. Mentally, we feel more prepared when we first step into the gym. Yes, there will still be nerves and a bit of anxiousness if we’ve never been there before, but once we get going that will dissipate very quickly.

Another benefit of being able to prepare is that we have one date that we know we need to get started with. We know exactly what time/day we need to be at the gym, so instead of saying “I’ll go tomorrow” time and time again, we are able to commit to the date selected.

There is no other prime example of this time specific starting date, then short-term programs. They are by far the most popular programs, and one of the most successful in terms of the results we can see in a short time frame. What is one of the biggest reasons why people have so much success? “It had a specific start and end date”.

But this isn’t just for fitness; this is applied in a lot of ways through our lives. How many of us have started a budget at the beginning of the month? Who’s rent comes out at the same time every month? Do you do your grocery shopping on Sunday? Do you have a clear time you need to be at work? We do this because it helps us think ahead, it helps us track things better, or because we just need that structured accountability in our minds to get us there.

So whatever change you are looking to make, use this tool to help yourself. While its great to be an action taker and do things at the spur of the moment, that’s not how everyone works. Look at your calendar, pick a date you are getting started, and then get started!

Rich Hill

CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer (2011-Current) 

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