Have you ever started the New Year with a ton of motivation, and a feeling of a fresh start. That feeling that almost anything is possible. Starting at the gym, budgeting, eating well and finally spending time on you! The hope, the enjoyment and the excitement…

All to have it fall apart by February. Ending up back in the same old patterns as before, lacking motivation to continue on with your goals, and having these years’ resolutions fall by the wayside. 

Well enough is enough! Time to make and sustain that change. 

These next few blogs are going to highlight different things to think about and different changes to make to help you change the way you look at your resolutions, and stick with them this time around, because lets face it… you deserve it! 
New Year, New Me? Let’s make it happen!

Part 1: Resolutions

The fitness industry is a funny place. Many fitness instructors and leaders are dead set in a black and white mentality of this is right, and this is wrong. Unfortunately, that can lead to highly biased opinions and mislead consumers, cause lets face it… we wouldn’t buy a program that MIGHT work for us, versus a program advertised that WILL work for us.
One example of a term that’s been getting beaten up over the past several years is the term “Resolution” especially around New Years.

“Don’t make resolution’s… make goals!” is a common term you will hear from almost ANY fitness instructor come the New Year, including yours truly. But why? Why is it that Resolutions are now the enemy?
The common thought process behind why resolutions aren’t great is that they are too generalized, they don’t add any structure, and that they don’t work long term. When we look at it that way, resolutions don’t sound like the best way to go when making a lifestyle change. Even in practice they seem to not work very well, think back to last new years and what resolutions we may have made. Did we follow through on them? Did they last more than a month? Most likely not. So that must mean that resolutions are crap, and you’re better off not making them at all right?


Resolutions are fantastic to make. When we look at the definition of a Resolution, they are a “firm decision to do or not to do something”. When we make that decision that we want to make a change, whether that’s adding something into your lifestyle (exercise, water, etc.) or taking something out (bad nutrition habits, smoking, etc.) that’s the starting point of the process. We don’t implement a plan; we don’t set goals and we don’t see progress without first making a resolution to see that change. It’s the way we approach resolutions that need to change, not simply stopping the process of making resolutions. Resolutions should be the base that we set our goals for the year. If our resolution is to get in better shape this New Year, then we can start to make action plans on how to accomplish that. It really is a trickle-down affect from that ultimate vision of what you want to accomplish throughout the year, and then applying strategies to accomplishing it.

Long story short… Goals and Resolutions are ultimately the same thing. So next new years, make a resolution, make a goal, make action plans but most importantly take action towards those plans. We can have the best plan in place to see change but unless we put that into action, we’ll never see the changes we want.

Rich Hill

CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer

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